Know how to redeem codes on PSN

There is a great chance for you winning a gift card for your console here as this would be a great gift on your holidays here. This is true if you are a game lover yourself.

Irrespective of your niche when you can make use of that gift card it does not take that much of toil or any hard work that is in it.Gift cards are the thing that the family uses to wrapping up.

Some specific games with the downloadable contents are there with the online multiple players or in terms of cash with every digital store that is there is through which the gift cards are now available.

These gift cards are going to help you a lot in purchasing games and other contents at any specific period here.

Know how to redeem Xbox one gift card

All you need is to take some sharp object or a coin to scratch off the metal code on the gift card. After that, you need to navigate to your Xbox One and open up the Microsoft store.

Now travel down to the left stick from your controller thereby selecting “Redeem a code” option here.

You now have to enter the 25-digit code from the gift card in itself and then select on “Next”.

And here you go! The game and its content will initiate the download process with the funds that would be available on your account of Microsoft Store.

Redeeming PlayStation Network Gift Card

If Sony prepares your console here the redemption of the gift card here becomes an easy process.

The process would be similar here too as you need to have a sharp object or use a coin to scratch off the metal coating on the card. Then start up the PS4 and open up the Store of Play Station.

Next, you need to navigate down on the left-hand side menu and click of redeem code option.

After entering the 12-digit code from your gift card you need to click on Continue option.

And that would be it! the contents of the game and everything will start to down and you will have your funds ready at your PlayStation Network account.

You should be sure to note that in every voucher you get for your PSN it will have 12 digit codes in them.

The voucher code that you have should of the same region where your account exists.

When you are having a card here you are looking out for the printed country flag. This is a marking signal that should be there on the card.

You have to sign in to the online Account Management option for checking the history of the transaction. The voucher code will thereby appear in the details of the transactions making sure that they have been used already.

You also have to keep in mind to redeem the codes on to the right type of account as the transfer of the funds and the contents of the accounts would not be possible here.

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